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OreFil Logo OReFiL: an Online Resource Finder for Lifesciences

Search for online resources introduced in peer-reviewed papers in lifescience (Bioinformatics, Biomedicine, etc.)
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What is OReFiL?

OReFiL stands for Online Resource Finder for Lifescience. It facilitates a search for online resources that are introduced in peer-reviewed papers. You can search by MeSH terms or author names in addition to free words. OReFiL extracts all URLs from MEDLINE abstracts and PubMed-indexed BioMed Central full-papers (implementation or availability sections), and indexes them with MeSH terms and author names.

What is the benefit of using OReFiL?

  1. OReFiL returns up-to-date query-relevant online resources that is introduced in peer-reviewed papers.
  2. Users can search for online resources not only by free words, but also by MeSH terms or author names.
  3. Users can easily verify each hit resource by following the links to its corresponding PubMed entry, webpages having a link to that of the hit resource, or papers citing it through the search systems of BioMed Central, Scirus, HighWire Press, or Google Scholar.
  4. Users can quickly confirm the existence of an online resource webpage.


Last index update: Dec 6, 2018